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Daily Readings and Saints - 31 min 54 sec ago
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Mark 16:9-20

Daily Readings and Saints - 32 min 28 sec ago
Matins Gospel Reading
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Matthew 6:14-21

Daily Readings and Saints - 32 min 28 sec ago
Gospel Reading
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On Paradise

OCN Now - 14 hours 31 min ago
Saint John of Damascus   Now because God was about to fashion people from the visible and invisible creation in His own image and likeness to reign as monarchs and rulers over all the earth and everything that therein is, He first made for them, as it were, a realm in which they should live […]

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“Modern Science and the Orthodox Tradition. An uneasy relationship?” – Live stream

OCN Now - 22 hours 40 min ago
The First International Conference of SOW focuses on the nature of the relationship between modern Science and Orthodox Christianity with its centuries-old tradition. Orthodoxy today shares a variety of —sometimes ambiguous—attitudes towards modern Science shaped by the texts of the Church Fathers, medieval and modern theologians and scholars, as well as contemporary social realities. On […]

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Musings from a Grateful Convert: Thoughts on Fasting

OCN Now - Fri, 2017/02/24 - 11:48pm
With the coming of another Holy Season of Great Lent, our thoughts turn to the topic of fasting. Here I offer a few thoughts for your consideration. First consider the question: “Is there more than one way to fast?” After encountering a very difficult health issue wherein I lost considerable weight, it seemed that physical […]

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Great Lent with Children of All Ages

Ancient Faith Radio - Fri, 2017/02/24 - 8:16am
Great Lent is always a struggle, but it's especially so in households with children—and even more if you have children at various developmental stages (toddlers and high schoolers under one roof?). Elissa Bjeletich, co-author of Blueprints for the Little Church, shares some tips.
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The Lenten Covenant

OCN Now - Fri, 2017/02/24 - 7:17am
The Journey to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram, and said to him “I am God Almighty, walk before Me, and be blameless.  And I will make my covenant between me and You and will multiply you exceedingly.” Genesis 17: 1-2   Good morning Prayer […]


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Sacred Space in our Family Life: Podcast Series

OCN Now - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 11:08am
Welcome to the Podcast Series of Family Insights powered by Orthodox Christian Network and Family Life Ministry.  Together these ministries have collaborated to bring insight into family life. Today join us as they talk about how the first two commandments relate to oneself and their relationship to the family.  Together these counselors will walk you through the important topics so that you […]

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LIVE Adult Education class on “Is God Our Doctor or Our Lawyer?

OCN Now - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 10:00am
Using the professions of law and medicine, today we will explore two different yet prevalent and competing views about God that shape our own thoughts and behavior. Adult Religious Education The Scriptures state that “my people will suffer for a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6). It’s not enough to simply provide religious education for our […]

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My Beautiful Lent

Ancient Faith Radio - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 9:42am
Bobby Maddex interviews Cynthia Damaskos, CHC, one of the individuals behind the website My Beautiful Lent.
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To What Degree Fasting?

OCN Now - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 8:54am
The Journey to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  And He fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterward He was hungry. Matthew 4:1-2   Good morning Prayer Team!   When you ask many people what is the first […]


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Thanksgiving and Dismissal

OCN Now - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 8:50am
The last part of the Divine Liturgy consists of the thanksgiving for Holy Communion and the Dismissal. The priest takes the chalice and paten to the Preparation Table, folds the red cloth and places the Gospel on it, while saying prayers of thanksgiving, in which the congregation take part. There are two brief hymns: ‘We […]

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OCMC News – February 26th is Mission Sunday

OCN Now - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 8:32am
Beloved Faithful, In the hymns and Scriptural readings of the Sunday of Forgiveness, our Mother Church reminds us that the Great Fast we are about to embark on is a matter of spiritual urgency that will lead us from death to life. Nowhere is this more clear than in the words of the Holy Apostle […]

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Metropolitan Joseph's Pastoral Message for the Great Fast 2017

Antiochian Archdiocese - Wed, 2017/02/22 - 4:32pm

Pastoral Message for the Great Fast 2017 

"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever." Isaiah 40:8

Great Lent, 2017

Beloved Clergy and Faithful of this God-protected Archdiocese:

The season of the Great Fast is upon us in preparation of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ! Now is the time when the Orthodox Church invites her children to live His passion and sacrifice on the Cross to conquer sin and death, and take up abode in His Father's mansions (John 14:2). The Church calls us during this season to a clearheaded reexamination of our lives and relationship with Christ; her Bridegroom. Now is the time to ask: have I been walking with Christ?

Will I crucify the "old me" during this time and rise as the "new me" with a pure heart, mind, soul and body with the risen Christ, worthy to inherit the His eternal kingdom? During this time, the soul is renewed every day and made beautiful with fasting, prayer and repentance. These days are also a sanctuary in which we all gather more frequently for worship in our churches and find spiritual stillness. One of the famed "doctors" of the Church explains this period for us:

"Dedicated to the purification of the soul, let us be careful to fulfill the Apostolic
command that we cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and of the spirit (II
Cor. 7:11), so that ...the soul, which in the Providence of God is meant to be the ruler of
the body, may regain the dignity of its rightful authority.... With just contempt shall we be
tormented by those who have no faith, and from our wickedness evil tongues will draw
weapons to wound religion, if the way of life of those who fast be not in accord with what
is needed in true self-denial. For the sum total of our fasting does not consist in merely
abstaining from food. In vain do we deny our body food if we do not withhold our heart
from iniquity, and restrain our lips that they speak no evil."
– Saint Leo the Great, Lent the Season of Purification

I pray this Great Lent will be for all of us a time of mercy given and received. I hope that we will focus our minds and our entire lives on Christ this Lent, both as a Church and as individuals, for He is the way, the truth, the Resurrection and the life.

Wishing you all of God's blessings, I remain,

Your Father In Christ,

Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America

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Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam ROCOR, Atlantic Mine, Michigan

OCN Now - Wed, 2017/02/22 - 1:13pm
SS. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Orthodox Church has been serving the Keweenaw, since 1995. It is located in Atlantic Mine in the heart of Copper Country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Church that Jesus Christ founded in the East, 2000 years ago is still alive, still filled and guided by the Holy […]

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Your little secret

OCN Now - Wed, 2017/02/22 - 9:26am
Tomorrow is the very first day of Great Lent. We have a long way to go before Easter, and a lot to do before we get there! We want to prepare ourselves for that awesome feastday, and the Bible today tells us just how to do it. By now, we all pretty much know the […]


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The mystery of the divine ‘Being’ is the ineffable mystery of love

OCN Now - Wed, 2017/02/22 - 9:00am
Metropolitan Amfilhije (Radović) of Montenegro and the Littoral   The truth is that the Son is the revelation of the Father and is testimony to the fact that, without a profound investigation of the mystery of sonship, it is impossible to delve into the sacred mystery of real paternity. Fatherhood and sonship are linked with […]

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