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The Calendar of Events has been updated with all services through the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

All Lenten and Paschal services are marked so you can reserve time in your schedule for these important services.

Please mark your calendars now.

HOMILY on repentance and the forgiveness of sins

"And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name" (Luke 24: 47).

This is the final instruction of the Savior to the holy apostles. In these words, as in a nutshell, is contained the Gospel of reconciliation between God and men. What does God seek from men and what does God give them? He seeks repentance, and He grants forgiveness of sins. He seeks little, but He gives all. Let men only repent for sins committed and cease sinning, and men will receive all from God — all, not only all that their hearts could desire, but even more, much more. In truth, everything is promised to the righteous. The righteous will be the inheritors of the Kingdom of God, they will be the sons of God, and they will be the children of light, the children of immortality, companions of the angels, brothers of Christ. The righteous will have an abundance of life, peace, wisdom, power and joy. The righteous will have all, for all has been promised to them.

2015 Lenten Fasting Guidelines

Here are the fasting guidelines for the coming 2015 Lenten season.  The Church Calendar has also been updated with the following dates:

  • Prodigal Son Sunday - February 8:  We observe the usual fasting discipline during the week following.
  • Judgment (or Meatfare) - February 15:  We fast from flesh-meats during the week following, but dairy, fish, wine and oil are permitted on all days.
  • Forgiveness (or Cheesefare) Sunday - February 22:  The last day for dairy fish, wine and oil -- except as permitted by the Typikon.
  • Pure Monday (Start of the Great Fast) - February 23:  We observe the usual fasting discipline during this fast -- wine and oil are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Thursday of the Great Canon - moved to Monday, March 23 (because of the Feast of The Annunciation): Thursday of the 5th Week of the Great Fast -- wine and oil are permitted.
  • Feast of the Annunciation - March 25:  Wednesday of the 5th Week of the Great Fast -- fish, wine and oil are permitted.
  • Lazarus Saturday - April 4:  Wine and oil are permitted.
  • Palm Sunday - April 5:  Fish, wine and oil are permitted.
  • Great and Holy Saturday - April 11:  We fast from oil on this Saturday, but wine is permitted.
  • Holy Pascha - April 12:  Tthe week following known as "Bright" or "New Week" is fast-free.

Have a blessed Lenten season and a glorious Pascha!!

The Lenten Season

Fr. Joseph Longofono, Lent, 2013, Ss. Peter and Paul, Topeka, KS.

Once again, we continue our journey through Great Lent, on the Road to the heavenly gates of the Kingdom, in the Feast of Feasts: PASCHA! It is a journey that only you can take for yourself, for the reward you receive is based solely on the effort you put into it. Therefore, we encourage you to make the following a part of your daily and weekly experience as we continue through this Lenten season:

  1. DAILY PRAYER: Please remember your morning and evening prayers, including prayers for our bishops, our clergy and their families, your Parish Council and all parishioners, the sick and suffering, those who hate us and those who love us, those who are kind to us and minister to us, and all those in need of God’s mercy, and especially St. Ephraim’s Prayer.

  2. THE WORD OF GOD: When you come to pray, take 10 minutes and read the Word of the Lord. You can start with a few chapters each day from the Psalms, the Proverbs, the Book of Job, or the Gospel according to St. Luke. But whatever it is, READ IT, and ask questions on those areas you find difficult.


- Presanctified Liturgy, Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm, a uniquely peaceful time of prayers, followed by a potluck Lenten meal in the church basement.

- Akathist (Madayeh) Service, Friday evening at 6:00pm, a prayer service of supplication to the Virgin Mary.

- Ninth Hour and Great Vespers, Saturday evening, 5:45 pm, in preparation for:

- Orthros and Divine Liturgy, Sunday morning 9:00 am

- Holy Week Services (Please see Weekly Bulletins and Web Site Calendar Page for the lastest information) 

The First Sunday of Lent - Sunday Of Orthodoxy

From the "Synaxarion of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion", HDM Press.

Saints Peter and Paul Bulletin, March 16, 2003

On this day, the first Sunday of Great Lent, we celebrate the restoration of the holy and venerable icons by the ever-memorable rulers of Constantinople, the Emperor Michael and his mother, the Empress Theodora, during the patriarchate of St. Methodius the Confessor.

It was with God’s permission that when St. Germanos (comm. May 12) had taken up the rudder of the Church, Leo the Isaurian (717-41) seized the scepter of the empire after having been a mule driver and manual laborer.  The Patriarch was summoned immediately to hear the Emperor say, “In my opinion, Bishop, the holy images [icons] are no different from idols; therefore, I command that they be removed from among us as soon as possible.  If it should be the case that they are the true forms of the saints, however, then at least see that they be hung up high so that we, who are stained by sin, may not soil them with our kisses.”

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